Understanding Dementia, Plus training – Autumn 2015

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Understanding Dementia, Plus course

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This is a Level 2 award accredited by the Royal Society of Public Health will improve your staff’s ability to deliver person-centred care.  For £115.00 per person, this 10 hour, 2 day course will develop your workforce, broaden their knowledge about dementia and promote a person-centred approach to dementia care.

Furthermore, an investment in this course, could lead to:

  • reduction in costs due to more efficient staff usage at end of life
  • improvement in reputation and image leading to better profit margins arising from attracting more profitable clients
  • better management of PR in end of life outcomes
  • reduction in complaints/commentary about lack of personalisation or sensitivity at end of life
  • improvement in confidence of staff leading to better morale and higher retention rates

For more information, contact HWS on: 01256 423 830

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