Annie is a founder Director of Hampshire Wellbeing Services. With over twenty-five year experience as a social entrepreneur and of working with diverse and other marginalised groups.

She has a passion for nurturing and mobilising social capital. Annie is an approved trainer at the Royal Society of Public Health. Annie is passionate about equality, particularly when unfairness impacts on the economic, social, physical, psychological and environmental wellbeing of an individual, group of communities of people. Through her work she strives illuminate disparities, offer solutions and be the change agent to make a difference in people’s lives. Annie brings to HWS: vision, leadership, experience, innovation and energy. Annie believes in developing social capital through stimulating and supporting people in communities, to become experts in their own and their communities’ wellbeing. Annie has an MSc in operations management, a degree in Business Studies and a Diploma in Marketing. Her specialism is in advising and supporting social enterprises and entrepreneurs. Annie’s remit is to consult with diverse groups in order to develop services that are culturally sensitive and pertinent to diverse communities across race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation and disability. Also to ensure that HWS makes a profit and reinvest surplus income to improve community health and wellbeing and the development of customised culturally sensitive products and support.


Jerry Morris is a health care professional and Senior Nurse Education Manager with over fifty-five years of experience. During his professional career was involved in wider education related activities.

Jerry has been an External Examiner for The General Nursing Council and subsequently The English National Board. He has been a First Aid lecturer and Examiner for The British Red Cross at Winchester. Health Service Careers Advisor including BFPO schools in Germany. Jerry has a special interest in equal educational opportunities; the growth and development of the individual is the key to unlocking community and national potential. He is a Non-Executive Director at Hampshire Wellbeing and head of diverse and wellbeing services.


Jean Holmes-Morris is a health and social care educator with over fifty years of clinical experience. She is also a Nurse Educator and was head of pre-registration Nursing at the Basingstoke and Winchester Nursing schools.

She is a mental health specialist is and passionate about dementia care and education for carers. Jean has experience of preparing first level nurses for registration – for the: Adult Branch, Mental Health Branch & Children’s Branch. Jean is recognised as a good communicator and this has been borne out over time by feedback from courses delivered over the years in a variety of settings. This includes students both young and mature. This is verified by the volume of students who have had a high percentage rate of success following courses that I have conducted. Jean is a Non-Executive Director at Hampshire Wellbeing, the head the training and knowledge department and the senior tutor.


Amjid has spent 25 years working in the Voluntary, Community and Charitable sector.


Formerly and most recently as an Equalities Officer at Hampshire County Council, Amjid was instrumental in setting up and help develop some key front-facing initiatives within the local authority such as the Hampshire Interfaith Network, the annual Interfaith lecture and calendar. His work involved working with ‘cultural services’ within the department driving the equalities agenda forward. Arts, Museum, Libraries, Sports, Countryside & Outdoor Activities were some of the key services he directly worked with. He started off his career as a youth worker and progressed to working in various advice agencies specialising in employment law and welfare benefit law.

Amjid has spent his latter 10 years working as an equalities specialist including being a project manager for a pioneering Community Action Hampshire mapping project across the County which helped to highlight the issues and barriers to accessing local authority service provision. This was a precursor to the County hosting dedicated community development worker resources to enable better and improved access.

Amjid is now an established photographer and is frequently booked for freelance work including weddings, community events and cultural celebrations across the South Coast.


Iain has over 14 years’ experience of working in the Disability Sector in Senior Management and Directorships of local and national organisations. He has strong self-belief in his personal philosophy around disability.

His core ethos is to provide the tools that will increase an organisation’s delivery of disabled customer service by removing physical barriers and assumptions. He does this through a series of training packages, consultancy and access auditing, that enables organisations and delegates to learn by encouraging them to look at issues currently preventing good customer service for disabled customers. Organisations and delegates are taken on a journey of self-discovery through interesting and lively evidence based debate. Iain is using his professional expertise to assist HWS to increase equality and tackle diversity in north Hampshire, to lessen the gap between our ethnic minority communities and the rest the local community.” Iain is Non-Executive Director at Hampshire Wellbeing Services and head of research and consultation.

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We work to eliminate social inequalities in health and empower people to care for each other’s wellbeing.

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