“Your voices and views are valued”

HWS places the upmost value on ensuring the views of people from minority communities, who are seldom heard and that they are taken into account when planning and changes to health and social care and wellbeing services are being discussed and designed. As such we carry out consultations with community groups and individuals, agencies and stakeholders. Alongside this we undertake independent and commissioned research.

HWS’ explorations have revealed that across the south east there is limited local research investigating the health, social care and well-being issues of marginalised residents. As a consequence, it is difficult to assess whether they are experiencing ‘social inequalities in health’ as set out in The Marmot Review (2010) – Fair Society, Healthy Live.

“Community field researchers.”


We have set up a research team, as well as developed joint partnerships to facilitate research projects within the local communities and the regional health and social care agencies and authorities.

Research into what is happening and how people are participating in their local communities and how people are using, needing and accessing health, social care and wellbeing services is vital in order to identify and address issues and inequalities. Historically there has been limited research carried out in the North Hampshire region, which has led to a lack of information and true understanding of what is truly happening regards the health, social care and wellbeing of disadvantaged residents.

We want to change this. We want to find out what the realities are so we can act accordingly to ensure the needs of local residents are met regardless of their cultural, physical and social background.

Research into Community Health (RICH)

We have designed a comprehensive community based health, social care and wellbeing project to investigate the health and wellbeing of disadvantage minority residents in North Hampshire.

This independent research will identify the health conditions encountered by these residents, the services used and the individual experiences over the past three years.
The results and analysis gained from RICH will be used to:
• provide factual information and statistics to health and social care providers and community groups
• develop a committed plan for improving the efficiency of services
• improve access to health and social care
• reduce longer term costs in providing health and social care
• enhance the wellbeing of disadvantaged groups and individuals.


“Championing reflective practice.”


We can assist an organisation, program, project or any other initiative to assess their aim and objectives and results of any such intervention action that has been complete. Our work provides an insight into prior or existing initiatives, is to enable reflection and assist in the discovery of a need for future change.

“Your Voice Matters.”


Through our structured, open and engaging consultations we provide an accessible forum for communities and individuals to contribute their thoughts, experiences and ideas regarding service reforms and improvements

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We work to eliminate social inequalities in health and empower people to care for each other’s wellbeing.

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